Investment Services

Siguler Guff’s investment philosophy is focused on identifying market inefficiencies that can generate high absolute rates of return and creating efficient solutions to capture them. The Firm believes that private equity presents opportunities at discrete moments in time, and dynamically allocates its clients’ capital to take advantage of those opportunities as they arise. Siguler Guff focuses opportunistically on market niches as opposed to pursuing an “indexed” approach to private equity, investing only when the Firm has high conviction that a specific market opportunity has the potential to generate top-tier returns. Siguler Guff’s investment approach is active, value-oriented and driven by risk-adjusted outcomes. Each strategy is staffed independently and takes advantage of the Firm’s long history as a direct investor to add value well beyond the research and selection of managers.

Siguler Guff's current service offerings include:

  • Multi-manager private equity funds
  • Direct private equity funds
  • Customized separate accounts
  • Advisory services